Calvary Baptist Church - Geneva, Illinois

823 Hamilton Street
Geneva, Illinois 60134
(630) 232-6363
Meet Pastor Rick Weesner
  • Born in 1962 and reared in Olney, Illinois
  • Graduate of Maranatha Baptist Bible College, B.A. and M.A.
  • Married 34 years to Mary (Gumble) Weesner
  • Five Children - Jacob, Leah, Caleb, Isaac, and Hannah

        I was reared on a grain farm in South-Central Illinois. When I was eight years old a missionary from the Philippines was visiting our church. After he presented the truth of the Gospel, I called upon the Lord to save me from my sin. Upon graduating High School, I attended one year of Bible College and then returned to my¬†home town to pursue all "My" desires. After years of wrestling with God I returned to Bible College and then Graduate School to continue my formal education. Through the preaching of God's Word in a Mission's Conference, I surrendered my will to God, to do whatever He wanted with my life. Since that day I have had a burning desire to preach the Word of God and to serve Him. The twelve years of youth ministry and over fifteen as senior pastor have been a gift from the Lord. Jesus said in John 10:10, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." As I look back over the years of ministry, I can honestly say, Jesus has kept His word.

Allow me to extend to you a personal invitation to visit Calvary Baptist Church. Our church family will welcome you as you come through the doors and they too desire that you experience an abundant life with Christ.

Rick Weesner, Pastor